Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Island of Drawing

Drawing by Jeanne Verdoux, 09/05/12

'The Island of Drawing' is an online collaborative drawing project I am currently creating with The Study Center for drawing at The National Art School in Sydney, Australia.

During the month of September myself and students and lecturers at The National Art School will create a virtual graphic connection between two islands: New York and Australia. My concept is of a digital ‘cadavre exquis’. Every second day in New York, I make a drawing. The following day in Australia a drawing is added in response. As each of the drawn segments are scanned and assembled on a web site, the drawing can be seen to evolve.

The interpretation of the subject ‘The Island’ is open, the only constraints being that each drawing must connect to the previous one and that artists can only use black lines. The final result will be a graphic collage, which the viewer can scroll through on screen, embedding the differences that distinguish New York from Sydney.

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